TAL 2020 The Digital Road:
Who is the driver?

20.2.2020, Parkhotel Pilsen, CZ

Get ready for the 20th TAL conference

Digitalisation is no longer just an option. It’s now a must for every company that aims to stay competitive, productive and profitable.

Join us along with over 200 logistics, manufacturing and IT professionals from throughout Europe’s automotive industry to hear real-world examples of handling the changes that come with Industry 4.0. Gain answers to the key questions everyone is asking:

How do you get onto the digital road?

How do you drive your business to the right destination?

How do you maximise your digitalisation benefits?

…And who is the driver?

Who can you look forward to?

Marco Prüglmeier

Project Manager Innovation and Industry 4.0 in Logistics
BMW Group

BMW Group logistics – ready for global competition

“We have a clear vision for the future of BMW Group logistics. We consider the automation and digitalisation of logistics processes as well as autonomous systems as key elements in preparing BMW Group logistics for the challenges of global competition.”

Marco joined BMW Group in 1998, and since 2015, he has been responsible for the development of innovative logistics applications, such as autonomous transports, logistics robotics, mobile devices, paperless logistics, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Now he is ready to share his experience with you at TAL.

Ivana Klubalová

Head of Logistics
Hella Innenleuchten - Systeme Bratislava

Automation – harness your warehouse’s full potential

HELLA is an automotive industry supplier with a long tradition. Its headquarters are in Germany. Its Slovak branch has joined in on its corporate automation strategy, in which it sees not just a trend, but also – and above all – practical benefits, including error reduction, space savings and greater efficiency for warehouse processes.  

Ivana Klubalová is Head of Logistics at Hella Innenleuchten - Systeme Bratislava, s.r.o. She has taken part in the process of automating their materials warehouse’s processes since its very beginning. She helped to define the tasks for these processes and choose suppliers, and she was responsible for selecting and successfully deploying a suitable solution. In her presentation, she’ll tell you what it means to introduce automation elements into logistics and synchronise all of the technologies with the people.

Filip Dřímalka


The motor of a digital transformation

Filip Dřímalka is an expert in the digital transformation of organisations. He helps companies from Central and Eastern Europe to set their digital and innovation strategies, grow their employees’ digital competencies and find technology partners. 

Filip is convinced that in our age, every company is a technology company. However, technologies are not his sole focus. How are the people doing?  Filip’s presentation explains how to build a culture of innovation from one end of a company to the other. He focuses on all three levels of the digital transformation, using his own HOT methodology – which stands for Human, Organisational and Technological. Come and take inspiration from companies that have already leapt into their own digital transformations.


What was TAL 2018 like?

Digitalisation pays off. But it also pays off to prepare for it.

Is digitalisation truly a benefit, or just a necessary evil? The 2018 Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference delivered a clear answer: Digitalisation pays off.


What do participants say about TAL?

  • “Professionally organized international conference, always on current topics, with top speakers from science and industry.”

  • “Thanks for organizing such a well-prepared, inspiring, insightful and engaging event.”

  • "TAL is an opportunity to meet up with people who are tackling situations like yours and get inspired by their experiences."


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