The Digital Factory: Pain or Gain?

October 10, 2018, Vienna House Easy Pilsen, CZ
19th Trends in Automotive Logistics Conference


Trends in Automotive Logistics for the 19th times!

Don’t miss the Czech as well as European presenters. You can look forward to breath-taking presentations of new trends and technologies and real experience of real issues and advantages which brings the digitalisation.

Except for the main conference program, you will be able to see, hear and touch the newest technologies on the shop floor. Our partners, as well as Aimtec, will bring their newest products. You can have a walk around the virtual warehouse, analyse in real-time movement inside the building or see a model of a digital factory with use of Industrial IoT.

This year we are once again cooperating with IHK Regensburg für Oberpfalz / Kelheim – Regensburg’s chamber of commerce and industry.

The TAL 2018 Program

8:30-9:30 Registration


Richard Brunner, Regional Head of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Regensburg für Oberpfalz / Kelheim
Roman Žák, Chairman of the Board, Aimtec

Changing the way work gets done

Paul Norford, Solutions Evangelist, EMEA & APAC, Zebra Technologies

The future of automation: Intelligent, Collaborative and Accessible

Philipp Zimmermann, Managing Director, FRANKA EMIKA GmbH

Small tag buttons calling for big changes

Matthias Pröller, Senior Manager Corporate Finance, IT, M&A IT Production Logistics & Smart Factory / Execution, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
12:20-13:30 Lunch

Behind every car door lies smoothly running manufacturing

Jan Urválek, IT Manager, International Automotive Components Group
14:05 -14:35

First step towards digitization - Just-in-Time is not just for automotive

14:40-15:10 Coffee Break

1 SAP + 1 EDI = 1 supplier

Massimiliano Turinetti, Group CIO, Soag Europe SA

Car-radio manufacturing tuned down to the last measure

Tomáš JanečekManager Production Control & Sales Administration, Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech


Digitial on the move, or Digitalized movement?

Michael Klaus, SEWIO
Rostislav Schwob, Aimtec
16:50-17:00 Closing

Social Evening - Beer Factory

After the expert section, attendees are invited to join our social evening in the Customer Center of Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery. During the evening we will welcome Lenny - young, talented and internationally renowned singer and songwriter. She is a four time prize winner of 2016 Anděl Music Awards. Her success also grows across borders.

Paul Norford Solutions Evangelist | EMEA & APAC, Zebra Technologies

Changing the way work gets done

Digital this and data analytics that… Blah blah blah! This is great for the Millennials but this has no place in my operation… Umm… Are you sure? As a Solutions Evangelist at Zebra Technologies, Paul Norford will breathe life into why the digital revolution will fundamentally change your business and why data is the super-fuel of the Now Economy.

Besides being one of the key evangelists at Zebra Technologies, Paul is also one of the company’s Global Solution Sales Trainers, super-keen on helping customers and partners change the way they do business. As well as copious amount of energy, Paul brings a wealth of insight, thought leadership, creativity and passion in driving innovative solutions to enterprise customers.

Jan Urválek IT Manager, IAC Group

Behind every car door lies smoothly running manufacturing

Fifteen thousand finished door panels roll off of the IAC assembly lines in Přeštice, Czech Republic each day. At IAC’s new plant, these are primarily panels for the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and they have to arrive at Daimler in a precisely set sequence. Jan Urválek from IAC Group shows us precisely what to look out for when deploying new software for manufacturing and warehouse management.

Jan works as an IT Manager at IAC Group and is responsible for the implementation of new IT strategies, and their standardization, audits, adjustments and improvements in reaction to new customer requests. He’s been working at the company since 2008, and he works on global projects in addition to Přeštice. The new project at IAC Přeštice II was one of the largest that IAC has ever deployed, and Jan Urválek is now passing on his experience in working with such a comprehensive solution.

Matthias Pröller Senior Manager of Corporate Finance, It, M&A
ZF Friedrichshafen

Small tag buttons calling for big changes

Stop running around the production with scanners or even papers. Just use the intelligent deTAGtive call buttons and get your facility to the next level of digitalization. The solution from ZF & OPENMATICS fully uses advantages of IoT and brings a completely new way of information transfer to the industrial world. From tag button in the production is the digital kanban signal transferred via ZF's Cloud Computing platform to the jobs queues of warehouse operator. The material status is displayed directly on the button, functioning according to the principle of a traffic light, so the employee knows immediately status for the order. With this small tag, you have a game changer for your production and logistics in your hands.

Mr Matthias Pröller started in ZF already as a student. Since then he is passionate about new solutions being invented in this worldwide company, now being the Senior Manager of Corporate Finance, IT, M&A. In his presentation on TAL, he will focus on the IoT and advantages it brings together with brand new processes for production and logistics from the research subsidiary of ZF – Openmatics.

Philipp Zimmermann Managing Director

The Future of Automation: Intelligent, Collaborative and Accessible

Franka Emika aims to democratize automation by creating an ecosystem that puts powerful, accessible and affordable robotic automation in the hands of the masses. Philipp Zimmermann explains how a new generation of robots is not only changing the way production facilities look today but how robots will soon be part of our everyday lives.

Philipp is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Franka Emika, a company that designs, develops and distributes a new generation of robots. After studying computer science in Munich, he worked in sales and project management before starting his first management consultancy start-up in Berlin. In 2014 he moved back to Munich to work on a robotics start-up, a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center, which ultimately lead to the foundation of Franka Emika in 2016.

Martin Hana Factory Manager
Ringfeder Power Transmission

First step taken towards digitalization – Just-in-Time suits not only the automotive industry

RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISION completed a task to create a logistics center in Dobřany devoted to precise shaft couplings and clamps for transferring the twisted moment. At the same time, the products that are being produced there, must be delivered to customers all around the world on the requested day. How did they manage the first big step towards digitalization? Inventory management and process automation will be discussed by Mr. Martin Hana. 

Martin Hana, executive director, has been working in Ringfeder since 2007. Besides the business responsibility, he takes a part in all crucial projects that moves it forward. The last project of this kind was the creation of a logistics center in Dobřany, where there is an implementation of a new IT solution for warehouse management. This solution will be introduced by him personally.

Michael Klaus Business Development Manager

Digitial on the move, or Digitalized movement?

Sewio Networks provides a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor positioning that drives business results for companies not only in automotive but the industry in general. Based on ultra-wide band technology (UWB) it gives partners and customers a precise, easy-to-integrate, reliable and fully scalable IoT solution for the digitization of movement to allow process visibility, boost production efficiency, simplify the inventory process and increase safety. Sewio is headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in Germany & France. Sewio has more than 80 installations and powers customers in 37 countries - including Volkswagen, Budvar, BOSCH, Pirelli, TPCA, Škoda.

As a tech enthusiast, Michael Klaus strives to bring people and technology together. Responsible for the business development at Sewio, he consults partners and companies on digitization applications regarding RTLS. On TAL, Michael will take you on a virtual tour through a factory. He will stop at several places, where he will discuss real-life implementations done with Sewio.

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We have been organising the Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference since 1999, and each year we cover the latest trends in logistics, manufacturing, integration and the use of new technologies, methods and resources in digitalisation.

During its existence our conference has built up a strong market position, and it is a popular opportunity for meeting experts from inside and outside of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

professionals, primarily from the automotive industry, participate in TAL each year.

October 10, 2018, Pilsen

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