This year, as usual, we’re preparing TAL’s programme in cooperation with experienced industry experts. TAL 2023 will provide inspiring thoughts, practical case studies and room for discussions and your own topics. We will discuss the future of the supply chain, automation, digitalisation and other logistics trends

Throughout the day attendees will have the opportunity to visit TAL’s Experience Zone, where you can meet up with conference partners and try out the latest techs. Once the presentations are over, we’ll all move on to a social evening, where we’ll share our impressions over good food and drink.

Tuesday, 16.5.2023

Main Agenda

8:30 – 9:30 Registration
9:30 – 9:45

Opening (CZ, DE)

Roman Žák, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Aimtec

Richard Brunner, Regional Head of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Regensburg for Upper Palatinate /Kelheim

Bernard Bauer, Executive Board Member, DTIHK

9:50  10:20

A Brave New World – face-to-face with a changed reality in the automotive supply chain (EN)

Robert Cameron, Head of Production, Logistics and Aftermarket Department, VDA
10:25 – 11:00

Digital transformation in a changing world (DE)

Klaus Straub, co-CEO & Founder, xelerate | ex-CIO BMW Group, Audi

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break / Partners Spotlight Stream


11:15 – 11:25

Laser marking for possible use in logistics, 2D codes verification and reading (EN)
Jan Havlíček, LINTECH

11:30 – 12:05

Škoda Auto's Logistics – Behind the Scenes (CZ)

David Strnad, Head of Brand Logistics, Škoda Auto

12:10 – 12:45

Driving Manufacturing Change: Disrupt or Be Disrupted (EN)

Tom Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer, Zebra Technologies

12:45 – 14:15

Lunch and networking

14:15 – 14:40

The interconnection of production-line and logistics digitalisation at Brano a.s. (CZ)

Denis Kittrich, Industry Engineer, Brano

Jiří ŽižkaProject Manager, Aimtec

14:45 – 15:10

Logistics automation at SCHERDEL (DE, CZ)

Kateřina Donate, Head of Logistics, SCHERDEL

Michael KuhnHead of Organization, SCHERDEL

15:15 – 15:40

Safran Digital transformation (EN)

Frédéric Vétil, VP Manufacturing 4.0, Safran

Bindioa OualiEnterprise Architect & OTT Director, Safran Cabin

15:40 – 16:10 Coffee Break / Partners Spotlight Stream


15:55 – 16:05

FlexSim: A Digital-Twin process improvement application (EN)
Bill Nordgren, FlexSim

16:10– 16:35

Green logistics – transparency on carbon footprint (EN)

Corina Zielbauer, Head of Cost Engineering and Benchmarking, Bosch

16:40 – 17:05

Efficiency and sustainability through the circular economy: practical examples (CZ)

Cyril Klepek, CEO & Founder, Cyrkl

17:10 – 17:30

What can't you see in the viewfinder? Hidden behind the scenes at nature photography (CZ)

Petr Jan Juračka, Photographer



In the break between the main conference programme and the social evening you can use the Chill-out zone.

19:30 – 22:00

Social evening

Once the presentations are done, we’ll be moving on to a social evening at Parkhotel Pilsen, with musical accompaniment by James Harries. Come after the conference hours for a chat with your colleagues!

Side section

8:30 – 17:30

#AimtecLab – Aimtec Digital Factory Showcase

What technologies does Aimtec have in store for industry? Come for a behind-the-scenes look at the latest technologies. Is augmented reality only for tomorrow? We’ll show you it’s for today!

You can visit AimtecLab in the main hall during any of the breaks in the conference programme.

Partners Spotlight Stream

How do our partners see trends in logistics?

You can meet up with their representatives also at the short presentations they’ll be giving in the salon by the main conference hall during breaks. Presentations of the Partners Spotlight Stream will be in English and not interpreted.

FlexSim and LINTECH will be presenting their solutions here.

Presentations will be interpreted into Czech, German and English.

The right to change the conference programme is reserved

TAL 2023 speakers

Klaus Straub

co-CEO & Founder
ex-CIO & SVP | BMW Group

Digital Transformation in a Changing World

Xelerate supports companies in building software engineering hubs in Portugal, using the general contractors approach. Its founder Klaus Straub has received many accolades in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and elsewhere during his CIO career spanning nearly 20 years, e.g. BMW Group’s CIO of the Year 2006, magazines CIO of the Decade 2001-2011, CIO of the Year / Innovation Award 2018, and induction into Germanys IT Hall of Fame in 2014. He will share his best practices and tips on how to flexibly react to ever-changing disruptions in the automotive industry.

Klaus has worked for many industry leaders over the years. He started his professional career at Daimler Benz AG, where he held several executive positions in various business units. He gained valuable experience in roles as CIO Corporate Vice President of Siemens VDO Automotive AG or CIO and Vice President of Audi AG. In 2012, Klaus returned to the BMW Group located in Munich as Leader of Organisation Development and Process Management, and later became the group’s Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Group IT.

David Strnad

Head of Brand Logistics
Škoda Auto

Škoda Auto's Logistics – Behind the Scenes

David Strnad has been at Škoda Auto for a full 22 years, and in 2020 he became Škoda’s head of logistics. David has acquired foreign experience at Volkswagen, where he had an opportunity to work within Audi – another VW Group brand – in Neckarsulm via VW’s development programme for young managers. In 2018–2019 he headed the Group’s logistics in the Russian city of Kaluga.

What can the digitalisation and automation process look like at a company like Škoda Auto? This is one of the areas that David Strnad will be covering in his presentation, in which he describes specific examples of projects and their stories, as well as the obstacles that need to be overcome. He also presents the challenges and specifics of the logistics process in connection with the rise of electromobility.

Robert Cameron

Head of Production, Logistics and Aftermarket Department

A Brave New World – face-to-face with a changed reality in the automotive supply chain

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (Verband der Automobilindustrie, VDA) has 680 members, including every major OEM manufacturers and supplier with manufacturing plants in Germany. The VDA’s mission is to act as a powerful voice for the entire industry in the German and European legislative processes and also to standardise processes for IT, administration, logistics, and manufacturing within pre-competition development.

Robert Cameron currently works as the Head of Production, Logistics and Aftermarket Department at the VDA and brings TAL nearly 20 years of experience from automotive logistics and planning, including his viewpoint as a member of the supervisory board for the Odette platform supporting standardisation and services for the entire European automotive supply chain.

In his presentation, Robert explores the new world of automotive logistics and the new rules we need to know and follow. In the past two years, the automotive supply chain has faced more challenges than in the fifty years preceding. What principles do we need to forget, and how should logistics managers navigate these uncharted waters?

Tom Bianculli

Chief Technology Officer
Zebra Technologies

Driving Manufacturing Change: Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Thomas Bianculli is responsible for the exploration of emerging opportunities, coordinating with product teams on advanced technology development, product and solutions strategy and inorganic investment. Bianculli has been granted over 20 U.S. patents and is a Motorola Distinguished Innovator and Science Advisory Board Associate. He was recently named one of the Top 100 Leaders in Technology 2021 by Technology Magazine. What technologies will change the face of logistics as we know it today? Draw the picture of your tech future with Thomas Bianculli on TAL 2023. 

With an ecosystem of more than 10,000 partners across more than 100 countries, Zebra serves customers of all sizes – including 94% of the Fortune 100 – with an award-winning portfolio of hardware, software, services and solutions that digitize and automate workflows.  

Corina Zielbauer

Head of Cost Engineering and Benchmarking
Bosch Czech Republic

Green Logistics – Transparency on Carbon Footprint

The Bosch Group is the worlds leading technology and service provider, operating in almost every country around the globe and employing more than 400,000 people. Corina Zielbauer is currently Head of Cost Engineering and Benchmarking at Bosch in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. She has gained experience in production planning at Mahle Filtersysteme and at Tsetinis, an automotive consultancy. In addition to cost overview, her focus is on how to practically integrate sustainability into the companys day-to-day operations.

Corina will share best practices for ensuring sustainability during the production and use, reuse, or recycling of goods, which is absolutely essential for our future. Naturally, logistics is an important factor in this effort. To be able to evaluate the biggest levers in CO2 optimisation, transparency is the key. Get useful insights on the evaluation and optimisation of CO2 mitigation strategies in the packaging element of logistics.

Denis Kittrich

Industry Engineer
Brano a.s.

The interconnection of production-line and logistics digitalisation at Brano a.s.

What did the road to a fully automated warehouse look like at Brano? Digital interconnection of production lines is the cornerstone in the development of Industry 4.0. At the automotive parts manufacturer Brano, digitalisation including the interconnection of production lines with the ERP and the development of an in-house MES platform have already been key topics for several years. However, their internal logistics and the data interconnection of logistics and manufacturing processes long remained overlooked.

Logistics-process digitalisation was almost entirely absent. This meant a major challenge for Brano – but also an enormous opportunity for automating and digitalising logistics processes. 2021 marked the start of a project for a fully automated warehouse, which changed the flow of materials and information while also pulling its understanding of internal logistics into the 21st century. That’s why this project is named Logistics 21.

Denis Kittrich stood at the birth of the idea of digitalising their manufacturing lines and logistics and oversaw every phase of the project. He shares his experience with a significant change in the workings of manufacturing as well as the benefits of automation from the standpoint of a process engineer.

Jiří Žižka

Project Manager

The interconnection of production-line and logistics digitalisation at Brano a.s.

Jiří has been working as a Project Manager at Aimtec for a long time. He mainly deals with the implementation of the DCIx system for logistics and production, including its integration into in-house systems. In recent years, he has specialized in the implementation of fully automated projects.

Within the project with company Brano he managed a project to introduce a new fully automated material and work-in-progress warehouse. He connected various technologies from five suppliers with the WMS system into one functional unit. In his talk, he will discuss how to deliver a complex project in automation, what a digitization platform means, and he will offer advice on the complications to prepare for.

Frédéric Vétil

VP Manufacturing 4.0

Safran Digital transformation

Frédéric Vétil is an industrial and engineering lead with over 30 years of experience in Safran’s operations. He has demonstrated results in R&T, Quality, Production & Manufacturing Engineering, IT systems and Data Monitoring.

Frédéric will show how Safran has built a digital thread roadmap upon four tactical streams – Design 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0, Support & Services 4.0 and Workplace 4.0 – to tackle challenges during product development and achieve efficiency, quality and acceleration of development using the right 4.0 tools. 

Bindioa Ouali

Enterprise Architect & OTT Director

Safran Digital transformation

Safran is an international high-technology group operating in the aviation defence and space markets. As the world’s third-largest aerospace player, Safran provides breakthrough technologies, advanced manufacturing and innovation roadmaps to maintain environmental priorities and its industrial performance. One of these top three areas of innovation where Safran steps up with a framework is the digital transformation, from design and production to customer services, to drive performance and quality in all their activities.

Bindioa is an industrial and engineering lead with over a decade of experience in engineering in central Europe. He has demonstrated results in new product introduction, design for manufacturing and associated processes, the design of automated lines, industry 4.0 and production transfers. He will be showing us how Safran is approaching enterprise architecture within digital transformation in order to achieve tangible results and sustainability. 

Kateřina Donate

Head of Logistics

Logistics Automation at Scherdel

Technické pružiny Scherdel manufactures technical springs for passenger automobiles as well as assemblies for electric vehicles and is part of this group – a German family firm with 32 branches and over 5,900 employees worldwide.

Kateřina serves as head of logistics at SCHERDEL, and logistics and automotive are precisely where she’s been active, with a few interruptions, for over a decade. Within the automated warehouse project at the Technické pružiny SCHERDEL plant, Kateřina is in charge of the DCIx Warehouse Management System as regards internal-materials supplies. In her presentation she describes the pitfalls they’ve had to face, how the new warehouse works in practice, and what it brings to their warehousing. 

Michael Kuhn

Head of Organization

Logistics Automation at Scherdel

Michael has been working at the SCHERDEL Group for over 16 years and has more than a decade of experience in leading logistics, IT and controlling. Technické pružiny Scherdel manufactures technical springs for passenger automobiles as well as assemblies for electric vehicles and is part of this group – a German family firm with 32 branches and over 5,900 employees worldwide.

Due to the lack of people in logistics operations and the need for standardisation, the project came to include an automated warehouse with the goal of interconnecting all technologies with a future-proof digitisation platform. What barriers were there to overcome, and how did the project team work with key users and other staff? Find out more about this case study at TAL 2023. 

Cyril Klepek

CEO & Founder

Efficiency and Sustainability through the Circular Economy: Examples from Practice

Cyril is the founder and director of the green-tech startup Cyrkl – the biggest recycling platform and consulting firm in Europe today. Cyrkl treats waste as a resource, and using advanced technologies, it links the producers of this resource with its final processors. Cyril earned the Global Digital Disruption award from Globant and ranked in the 2020 selection of top innovators from the Hospodářské noviny newspaper and CzechCrunch. Cyril is an expert in innovations and the circular economy. He’s a graduate of the Prague University of Economics and Business, where he studied economics and economic policy. He earned a doctorate here as well. In this period he also took care of innovations at Raiffeisenbank – and was the originator of Raiffeisen Advisory. He was an innovation leader at the Direct People agency and is the editor-in-chief of the first three publications in the Cirkulární Česko (“Circular Czechia”) series.

Sustainability means time efficiency from real-time waste loading, savings from reverse logistics, and capital efficiency from a closed-loop solution. Savings of both materials and energy. Using the example of green-tech startup Cyrkl’s 18,000 clients, including major names like Škoda Auto and Ikea, we’ll look at how your firm can benefit too. 

Petr Jan Juračka


What the Finder Won’t Find – Nature Photography’s Hidden Backstage

When Petr was born, the doctors told his parents he might slowly go completely blind. He did not. On the contrary, he became a photographer, and he’s interconnected his lifelong search for beauty through the viewfinder with his work as a biologist. His specialities include travel photography, drones, and even shooting through a microscope. Petr’s portfolio includes projects for the Prague Zoo, the National Museum, National Geographic and more.

In his presentation, Petr focuses on several of his trips to Iceland. Its untamed nature, which changes instantly from volcanic dust into icy lakes and green waterfalls, has brought him unforgettable pictures and experiences. How many hours, tasks, kilograms and kilometres lie behind each of his photos? 


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