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TAL (Trends in Automotive Logistics) is a conference that brings together inspiring speakers from business and academia so they can share their approaches and opinions towards the latest trends in logistics, manufacturing and integration and the use of new digitalisation technologies, methods and tools. We are preparing the 24th year of the conference in 2025.

#TAL2024: Driving the Digital Fast Lane

The automotive sector gets more dynamic by the day. The recent crises and upheavals have spurred vigorous changes and innovations in the entire supply chain. New technologies, automation and artificial intelligence are playing a fundamental role. The digital transformation is like a road that enterprises need to take in order to adapt to changing conditions and gain a competitive advantage.

What do the “drivers” – logisticians and IT experts – need so they can enter the fast lane of the digitalisation highway? What technologies, platforms and abilities are required for their teams to make it safely to the finish?

Experts from practice and academia came to discuss this at TAL 2024. As every year, you could come to see inspiring lectures and case studies from practice or meet personally with prominent experts in the field.

What do participants say about TAL?

  • „The TAL Conference always offers a diverse mix of engaging keynote speeches and practical reports. For me, it is an essential event that provides insights into the latest trends in logistics.” 

  • „I keep coming back to the TAL conference; it’s a fantastic opportunity for inspiration and networking.“

  • „TAL: Immersion into the world of innovation, the opportunity to meet inspiring personalities, and discuss new trends in logistics. An exceptional space for sharing knowledge and forming relationships.”

  • „Me and my colleagues were very satisfied. TAL is perfectly organised, informative and inspiring.“

  • „This just is the place to be regarding innovations in automotive logistics!“

  • „Thanks for organizing such a well-prepared, inspiring, insightful and engaging event.”

  • „Professionally organized international conference, always on current topics, with top speakers from science and industry.”

  • „TAL is an opportunity to meet up with people who are tackling situations like yours and get inspired by their experiences.“

Event participants

49 % Logistics
19 % Manufacturing
10 % IT
10 % CEOs
12 % Other

Previous years


18 June, Parkhotel Pilsen

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Main Partners: SAP, Zebra Technologies

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, IHK Regensburg; Bernard Bauer, ČNOPK; Prof. Dr. Nils Finger, CBS International Business School; Michael Colberg, REHAU Automotive; Tomáš Sauer, FORVIA HELLA; Carlos Portillo, SAP; Michal Fichtner, Continental Automotive; Martin Vilím, AISIN; Wojtek Szczepucha, Amazon Web Services; Lukas Brandl, BLC; Michal Samuelčík, Replug me; Zdeněk Štybar, Professional Cyclist

Topics: Automation, Future of Supply Chain, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation, Digitalisation


16 May, Parkhotel Pilsen

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Main Partners: Swisslog, Zebra Technologies

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, IHK Regensburg; Bernard Bauer, ČNOPK; Robert Cameron, VDA; Klaus Straub, xelerate; David Strnad, Škoda Auto; Tom Bianculli, Zebra Technologies; Dennis Kittrich, Brano; Jiří Žižka, Aimtec; Kateřina Donate, SCHERDEL; Michael Kuhn, SCHERDEL; Pavlína Babková, Bosch; Cyril Klepek, Cyrkl; Petr Jan Juračka, Photographer

Topics: Automation, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain, Innovations in Internal Logistics, New Technologies, Simulation


21 September, Parkhotel Pilsen

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Main Partners: idealworks, VertiFlex, Zebra Technologies

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, IHK Regensburg; Bernard Bauer, ČNOPK; Marco Prüglmeier, i2market; Paul Palmero Martinez, José Marin Ruiz, SEAT:CODE; Tomáš Vondrák, Continental Automotive; Jan Čermák, Petr Chaluš, Robert Bosch; Štěpán Zechovský, Deloitte; Martin Vlk, Lintech; Michael Schneider, Dylan Sheppard, idealworks; Björn Karlsson, Weland Solutions; Tolga Özkundakci, IAC Group; Ivan Marinec, AIM PARTNERS; Markéta Navrátilová, fotografka

Topics: Automation, digital transformation, predictive management, EDI, innovations in intralogistics, new technologies, simulations


20 February, Parkhotel Pilsen

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Main partners: Zebra Technologies,  Deloitte

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, IHK Regensburg; Filip Dřímalka, Digiskills.cz; Marco Prüglmeier, BMW Group; Jiří Cee, ŠKODA AUTO; Ivana Klubalová, Hella Innenleuchten - Systeme Bratislava; David Štětina, SAP Freelance Consultant, Halka Kračmerová, Aimtec; Faouzi Grebici, OMRON; Petr Jurčík, Webasto Roof & Components Czech Republic; Vít Glasl, Aimtec; Jan Stejskal, Autoneum CZ

Panel discussion: Paul Norford, Zebra Technologies; Marco Prüglmeier, BMW Group; Jiří Ovesný, IntraLog Services ; Rostislav Schwob, Aimtec; Přemysl Zeman, Logio

Topics: Digital transformation, innovations in intralogistics, new technologies, role of people in the digitalization process, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, SAP, automation


10 October, Vienna House Easy Pilsen

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Professional partners: Zebra and Lintech

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, IHK Regensburg; Paul Norford, Zebra Technologies; Philipp Zimmermann, FRANKA EMIKA GmbH; Matthias Pröller, ZF Friedrichshafen AG; Jan Urválek, IAC Group; Martin Hana, Ringfeder Power Transmission; Veronika Rejmanová, Panasonic Automotive Systems; Michael Klaus, SEWIO; Rostislav Schwob, Aimtec

Topics: Digitalization, robotization, innovations in logistics, new industrial technologies, IIoT, production planning, SAP, automation


20 September, angelo by Vienna House Plzeň

Presenter: Tomáš Měcháček

Professional partners: Mulesoft and Zebra

Speakers: Roman Žák, Aimtec; Richard Brunner, the Regensburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry;  Milan Zelený, Fordham University; Michael Martin, DHL Supply Chain; André Ziemke,


; Roman Mühlfeit, Magna Exteriors Europe; Wiebke Kelterborn, Audi; Marcus Schablack, Jiří Lacina, BOS; Petr Kasík, Kostal Kontakt Systeme; Alois Mahr, Zollner Elektronik; Luděk Lhotka, EFAFLEX – CZ

Topics: Digital innovation in logistics; Industry 4.0; production planning; Pearl-chain (Perlenkette) logistics; personnel planning and WMS in SAP; MES



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