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Manufacturers are facing a new age of physical production. Advanced processes, new materials and increasing automation are reshaping the industry. Business leaders begin to ask themselves how to keep up with the market changes…The answer lies in data. Digitization drives optimization of traditional core business which in turn allows companies to invest in new business opportunities. Based on our experience, many companies have already dealt with Industry 4.0 but struggle to operationalize integrated concepts.

Deloitte’s approach towards driving change is holistic. We combine the Manufacturing Process Experts with Analytic expertise to create an impact in both IT and Business. Our teams deliver end to end Digital Factory solutions employing best practice AI toolsets and technologies to deliver solutions in Maintenance & Facilities, Manufacturing Operations, Environmental, Health & Safety, Warehouse Operations, and Inventory Tracking.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results. As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.


Bayern Innovativ

Vision of Bayern Innovativ is a Bavaria in which every viable idea becomes innovation. We support the innovation process as the heart and backbone of an open and sustainable ecosystem that is fit for the future.

We make innovation possible. To this end, we connect people with a wide range of knowledge from industry, science, administration and politics. We manage, network and drive innovation projects — with a lot of experience and state-of-the-art methods. We turn Bavarian companies into the technological winners of tomorrow and strengthen Bavaria's business location sustainably.

Beratungsbüro Oberpfalz

Both Technology and Network managers Lucie Valentová and Michael Zankl promote the innovation activities of small and medium-sized companies. They advise on the search for suitable technology funding programs and support during the entire application process from the development of ideas to the project completion.

We support you in the cooperation between business and science:
- We mediate contacts between companies and research facilities
- We support cross-border cooperation in research and development
- We coordinate networks and act as a moderator between the project partners
- We initiate and organize special events on trend technologies

Are you a medium-sized company and have an innovative idea? Contact us!

Companies turn to s.r.o. as a supplier of industrial automation and robotic work centres. They provide their customers with customised designs for processing lines, unique equipment, robotic work centres and single-purpose machines, and they also provide warranty and post-warranty service after these solutions’ deployment. Their main robotisation partners are OMRON (a supplier of robots and automation components) and FANUC (a supplier of robots and machine tools).

South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce

The South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce is where successful entrepreneurs come to meet. A total of nine regional offices provide regular care for its 1,500 member companies, offering them about 60 networking meetings, 160 seminars/workshops and e.g. 2,000 answered queries per year. Our mission is to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. #jihoceskepodnikani


LINTECH, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1993 to develop and manufacture components for use in laser technology and automation.

As its success grew and its portfolio expanded, this company split up into three main divisions:

  1. a division for the manufacturing, sales and servicing of single-purpose machines and for automation – machines for marking, engraving, welding, drilling, ablation, material activation and other laser applications, with this division having its own applications laboratory;
  2. a bespoke production division – for bespoke laser marking, custom production of punches/dies, ID labels,  and control panels, as well as bespoke laser cutting, welding and burn-in;
  3. a manual/machine assembly division – for the assembly of components for use in electrical engineering and the automotive industry.

At LINTECH, a team of highly qualified experts (roughly 100 employees) with long years of experience in laser technology and machine engineering is there and prepared to fulfil customers’ demanding desires.

LINTECH has been a proud bearer of an EN ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2004.


OMRON is a leader in industrial automation. Its product range includes numerous control elements and components for electric control panels, security components, a simple optical sensor and sensors for image processing, control systems and HMI and servo systems. It newly also offers a wide range of stationary, collaborative and mobile (AIV) industrial robots. By smartly combining these components, OMRON has successfully developed a number of unique and high-quality automation solutions that have found applications at manufacturers worldwide. OMRON’s wide range of advanced technologies and the wide range of components it produces have enabled it to present a strategic concept that it calls “innovative-Automation”, based on three key “i”s of innovation: integrated (controller development), intelligent (development of intelligence via ICT) and interactive (a new harmony between people and machines). Omron’s present goal is to apply innovation to the manufacturing environment through the implementation of this concept.


The Pilsen Region

Stretching across the southwest of the Czech Republic, the Pilsen Region is the country’s third largest geographically, although ranking ninth in population. There are three providers of tertiary education in the region: the University of West Bohemia and two Prague-based institutions – the Charles University Faculty of Medicine and the Metropolitan University.


The Pilsen Region is long-known for its industrial heavyweights, innovative firms and significant university institutions – which boast new research centres today. It is a leading region in terms of its economic performance. It has a high share of export-oriented companies in the processing industry and high-tech fields and has the lowest unemployment of any Czech region.

The SMART ACCELERATOR for the Pilsen Region

This project’s goal is to more strongly emphasise creativity, communication and regional and international cooperation in research, development and innovations. This project is the source of the new Regional Innovation Strategy for the Pilsen Region (RIS 3 PK).


SAP is a leader on the enterprise application software market. It helps companies of every size in every field to work better. SAP enables people and organisations to cooperate more effectively and put all of their enterprise information to work, no matter whether it is ultimately used by office workers or board members, in the warehouse or in retail, on traditional PCs or on mobile devices. All of this enables them to keep ahead of their competition non-stop. SAP’s applications and services help roughly 388,000 customers to achieve greater profits, grow sustainably and adapt to their current needs.

SAP has been doing business in the Czech Republic since 1992, and to date it has acquired over 1,300 customers from among enterprises, financial institutions, and organisations of state administration. The Czech SAP also includes SAP Services, SAP Ariba and SAP Concur.


Our company, ZF OPENMATICS, was founded in Pilsen in 2010. We are driven by a vision of interconnecting the world in a way that will make it safer, more comfortable and sustainable for us all. Through innovations such as vehicle telematics solutions and remote diagnostics, we introduce fully developed and functional connection solutions that have what it takes to meet the needs of today’s market. We offer solutions for goods and materials monitoring, telematics and diagnostics.

Media partners


This digital content portal for Industry 4.0, the automotive industry and information technologies was launched in 2019. Its goal is to provide manufacturing, logistics and industrial IT experts with interesting information and to show them real-world examples, industry figures’ stories and an overall view of the changes brought by the digital revolution. It ties in to the print magazine that Aimtec has published since 2002, available at




Logistika is a professional magazine of the Economia media house, which maps current practice and developments in the areas of freight transport, warehousing, distribution, technology and supply chain management in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Svět průmyslu

Svět průmyslu (World of Industry) is an exclusive and prestigious Czech magazine in the field of industrial, financial and logistics business.

Systémy logistiky

Systémy Logistiky is the only logistic publication with audited distributed circulation on the Czech market. It focuses on current topics that shape the world of logistics and transport, brings industry news, analytically processed topics, comments and interviews with personalities from the logistics users. Innovation, practicality and independence are the important pillars of the magazine. Systémy Logistiky also includes the portal with the weekly newsletter SL NEWS. 


Automa is a professional magazine for automation technology, measurement and control technology, communication technology and industrial information technology. Published in Czech; in printed form and on the Internet (with the possibility to download articles in PDF format) is published with a monthly period (except spring and summer double issues), information on the portal is updated continuously.

Automobil Industrie

“Automotive Industrie” is the only professional medium that completely maps the world of mobility. We focus mainly on business and technical TOP-managers in the industry.

The content focuses on key topics such as vehicle technology, manufacturing and development with megatrends of digital transformation, connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and e-mobility.

IT Systems



We’re Aimtec. We guide manufacturing and logistics companies in putting Industry 4.0 into practice. We integrate our solutions with cutting-edge technology into a single functioning unit to make digitalisation a real asset.

IHK Regensburg

The Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce associates a total of 91,000 companies from the Upper Palatinate and the Kelheim District. Member companies can use advice on tax and legal issues, foreign trade or the labour market. The Chamber also processes various specialized analyzes of the region. Through its Czech branch in Pilsen, the Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce actively supports the development of a common cross-border economic area.


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