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Zebra Technologies

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results. As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, giving you the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions.



Asprova provides the most successful Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) and Supply Chain Planning (SCP) software solutions worldwide. Asprova APS is the scheduling tool of choice for manufacturing companies, meeting a wide range of requirements from all industries. Expertise from world-class lean manufacturing has been fiercely leveraged over the past 30 years for the development of the detailed scheduling system. As a result, by using Asprova's standard functions, any complex production challenge can be modelled. Asprova can be implemented without programming and seamlessly integrates into existing IT. Asprova synchronizes and optimizes all processes along the entire value-added chain. The implementation success rate, measured by enormous increases in efficiency despite scheduling complex processes, is why over 60% of Japanese manufacturing companies and 3600 customers worldwide rely on Asprova.

Bayern Innovativ

Bayern Innovativ specialises in knowledge management and serves as an innovation initiator and accelerator in Bavaria. It joins the spheres of enterprise, research and politics together through sectoral, technological and partner networks, and together with these it forms the Thinknet Bayern regional cluster – which in turn interconnects over 75,000 experts. The result is dynamic knowledge transfer in areas like digitalisation, energy, healthcare, materials engineering, manufacturing and mobility, as well as culture and the creative sector.

Bayern Innovativ GmbH also helps out small and medium enterprises, primarily via innovation projects. It provides modern management of technologies and innovations and provides support in the areas of patent procedures and financing programmes. Rounding out its selection of services are working groups, congresses and workshops and joint exhibitions at key national and international trade fairs. Bayern Innovativ was founded in 1995 as an independent institute of the Free State of Bavaria, and at present it has about 275 employees situated in Nuremberg, Augsburg and Garching.

Beratungsbüro Oberpfalz

The technology- and network managers Lucie Valentová and Michael Zankl promote the innovation activities of small and medium-sized companies. They advise on the search for suitable technology funding programs and support during the entire application process from the development of ideas to the project completion.

We support you in the cooperation between business and science:
- We mediate contacts between companies and research facilities
- We support cross-border cooperation in research and development
- We coordinate networks and act as a moderator between the project partners
- We initiate and organize special events on trend technologies

Are you a medium-sized company and have an innovative idea? Contact us!

Europeanregion Danube-Vltava - Consulting office Lower Bavaria

The network management Bavaria – Bohemia from the Lower Bavaria consulting office in Freyung supports you in the initiation of cross-border business relationships (between the Czech Republic and Lower Bavaria) as well as in the mediation of contacts and partners and in the establishment and expansion of contact networks and clusters.

The focus is on business and technology transfer.

All services are free.

Contact: Jaroslava Pongratz, Network Manager Bavaria – Bohemia


A Prague-based Czech startup, running on ice cream.

We develop a modular SaaS platform that’s focused on active user engagement, lead generation, brand communication, the employee life cycle and start-to-finish event organisation. We interconnect these areas into absorbing interactive worlds that overcome the communication barriers between the physical and digital worlds and deliver the best of both.


South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce

The South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce is a place where successful entrepreneurs meet. A total of 7 regional offices are business partners of its nearly 1200 member companies, which are regularly offered networking meetings, educational events, answers business questions and helps to make their business visible throughout the South Bohemian region. Our mission is to make life easier for entrepreneurs. #jihoceskepodnikani

The Pilsen Region

The Pilsen Region is brimming with industrial hard-hitters, innovative companies and top-rate research centres. It supports the development of a local innovation ecosystem and provides numerous support activities that build cooperation among local research organisations, secondary schools, universities and companies. Through its Company Incubation and Company Acceleration programmes, it supports the founding of attractive startups – and existing firms’ development. Its mission is to create an environment that’s business-friendly, pleasant to live in and full of attractive incentives for studies and self-development.


ProGlove provides the smarter wearable scanner solution that delivers a continual stream of worker-driven productivity gains. We are on a mission – to disrupt the barcode scanning industry by bringing transformational value to warehouse and distribution operations. Unlike others, we are focusing on human workers. ProGlove brings speed, accuracy, and ergonomics to workers as they perform the task that is essential to warehouse success: the barcode scan. Our wearable technology is interactive, easy to use and understand. Our human-powered approach empowers the workforce with more efficient workflows.


We are Software602. We help companies and offices get rid of paper, speed up administration and think digitally. With our e-signature, archiving, request approval or form technology solutions, people don't make mistakes and save time and money. We have 35 years of experience and plenty of energy to bring more innovations to market.

SKLAD association

At SKLAD (the Association of Competent Logisticians and Suppliers), we help manufacturing and distribution companies to meet the requirements and needs at their logistics operations. We can advise and cooperate on a wide spectrum of customer needs – from choosing a hall to designing and deploying solutions to supplying technologies and ensuring work safety. Our advantage lies in how we know each other as members: we’ve been in contact long-term through projects for the same customers, and we’ve tried each other in practice.
We bring customers new, modern, and comprehensive solutions. We work with them to create a vision for innovation and their future growth.
This association was founded in 2014. Its original aim was mainly to share business opportunities among its individual members. Today, it also serves the broader logistics public as a source of news, the latest information and practical recommendations. 


We are experts in intralogistics and automation. Our company STILL provides everything needed for transport and order picking processes. From forklift trucks and rack systems to complete warehouse designing, service and management. Our goal is to make intralogistics fast and efficient that´s why we rely on automation. We believe that's the right solution for the future of intralogistics.

We continuously bring new ideas and create new projects. Our lifelong experience and endless enthusiasm constantly push the industry forward.

Media partners

Aimtec Insights

This digital content portal for Industry 4.0, the automotive industry and information technologies was launched in 2019. Its goal is to provide manufacturing, logistics and industrial IT experts with interesting information and to show them real-world examples, industry figures’ stories and an overall view of the changes brought by the digital revolution. It ties in to the print magazine that Aimtec has published since 2002, available at




Automais a professional magazine for automation equipment, measurement and control equipment, communications equipment and industrial IT. It publishes eight print editions a year, which are available online (with the option of downloading articles in PDF format). The portal provides news from the world of automation, invitations to conferences, trade fairs and seminars and other up-to-date information. The magazine is active on the social networks Automa LinkedIn (603 members) Automa Facebook (571 followers) and Automa X (302 followers). 

CIO Business World

Bimonthly magazine about new technologies and effective management of business informatics. CIO Business World brings the latest economic trends and analysis, practical information from the field of corporate IT with a focus on the business and entrepreneurial benefits of information technology. It offers possible solutions to the problems associated with corporate IT in a period of tight budgets and also addresses the implications of the Czech Republic's accession to the EU. CIO Business World is intended for readers from senior management of companies from all sectors of the economy. It fills the gap between traditional economic and IT magazines on the Czech market.


Computerworld is the only professional monthly magazine on the Czech and Slovak market focused on professionals in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). It brings up-to-date news, analysis, commentaries and reviews of the latest technologies earlier and at a higher professional level than other periodicals on the domestic market. Computerworld's content is aimed at professionals and managers from companies and institutions who are involved in the decision-making process when purchasing ICT technologies.

Dopravní noviny

Dopravní noviny is a professional periodical for domestic and international transport, forwarding and logistics with a presence on the Czech and Slovak media market. Dopravní noviny brings up-to-date and professional information intended primarily for entrepreneurs and managers of companies operating in the above-mentioned fields and in other sectors of industry and trade. They provide information to state administration authorities and all those interested in transport and logistics.


Ekonom is the most read economic weekly on the Czech market. It brings the most important information that helps to navigate in today's complex world. Ekonom provides the most important information from the world of capital markets. Texts from the field of technology present news from the world of science and technology. It also includes legal topics that resonate in the Czech market and fundamentally affect the conditions for business. In its articles, the magazine also focuses on the field of logistics, which literally moves the world.

IT Systems

IT Systems is a monthly magazine on information systems and ICT solutions at enterprises and organizations across every industry. IT Systems is made for readers who seek an overview of the current options and trends in enterprise applications and services. It helps IT professionals to effectively manage their systems in harmony with their business needs. Every issue of IT Systems boasts specialised appendices focused on selected topics or fields. Its contents are interlinked with a number of electronic media – especially the portal and the ERPForum website as well as the SystemNEWS and ERPnews newsletters.


The logistics portal focuses on logistics news from the Czech and Slovak Republics. Logistika.Tv brings its audience articles, reporting, video interviews, podcasts, video podcasts, TV news, case studies, and information on trends and innovations. Its sections include Warehousing, Transportation, Development, Packaging, IT and Management – and you’ll find interviews with logistics professionals and invitations to events as well. Logistika.Tv offers the latest and most interesting news on everything that’s happening in Czech and Slovak logistics. This portal is active on LinkedIn as well. The editor-in-chief of Logistika.Tv is Petr Neckař, who has spent years in logistics. Logistika.Tv also operates PN média s.r.o., a company specialising in PR and marketing services for logistics firms. PN Media also organises the logistics competition The Best of Czech and Slovak Logistics and the logistics conference Innovative Logistics, which is held as part of the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

Packaging Herald

Packaging Herald is a modern B2B magazine presenting news and trends in packaging and related industries. Once every two months, it brings readers practical information that builds their business and prosperity and inspires innovation. Thanks to the freely downloadable digital version on the portal, readers can review that information at any time. And through its newsletter, its portal and its swiftly trending social media accounts, it’s also a communication platform for the sharing of experience and inspiration among every player in packaging: users of packaging solutions and services, suppliers of technologies and materials for packaging production, the producers of packaging and package materials themselves, designers, service suppliers and retailers.

praktická LOGISTIKA

praktická LOGISTIKA (practical LOGISTICS) is a professional online magazine focused on logistics in a broader context. It mainly deals with practical examples and examples from the fields of freight transport and forwarding, warehousing, goods handling, distribution and supply, packaging, IT, insurance and financial services. In addition, you will also find sections covering various logistics-related events, news and a special section on dangerous goods logistics. The content of praktická LOGISTIKA consists mainly of original articles focused on practical experiences, case studies, expert opinions and reports from logistics events.

Reliant Group

Reliant Group is the operator of the most important technical platforms for communication and discussions among logistics professionals throughout the supplier chain. For twenty years now, they have been publishing the LogisticNEWS logistics magazine, operating the Eurologport network of logistics portals and distributing the Reliant NewsLETTER weekly bulletin. Reliant’s flagship activity is organising Central Europe’s largest logistics conference, SpeedCHAIN, which is accompanied by a number of specialised conferences and bespoke events, including the ESG Forum platform within the Technologické konference format. Reliant plays an active role in the activities of the Czech Logistics Association, as well as those of the European Logistics Association (ELA) in Brussels.

Robotic journal

The Robotic journal is a quarterly professional journal that focuses on trends in robotics and provides up-to-date information on robotics, automation and related fields. It offers an overview of the latest product innovations from leading manufacturers and interesting projects from research centres and organisations in the form of interviews and reports from key events in the field of automation and robotics.

Svět průmyslu

Smart Connections s.r.o. is not just an editorial office or publishing house of Svět průmyslu (World of Industry), but a team of enthusiastic young people with competences in a wide range of fields. In addition to publishing the print magazine Svět průmyslu, its digital versions and the Svět průmyslu website, we also manage social media and recruitment for our clients. We are driven by a passion for what we do and are not afraid of new challenges. We are characterized by professionalism, flexibility and a pro-client approach. We offer 15 years of know-how and are a stable partner, an established brand.

Systémy logistiky

Systémy Logistiky is a source of information, inspiration and the most important communication tool for the Czech and Slovak logistics market. The Systémy Logistiky brand comprises a professional magazine (the only one on the market with an audited circulation) and digital media (the news portal, the weekly newsletter SL NEWS and profiles on the social networks LinkedIn and Facebook). The editorial team prides itself on the independence, practicality and innovation of the information provided, which makes Systémy Logistiky the most read magazine and the most visited portal for logistics professionals.


TechMagazín with its monthly frequency belongs to the recognized professional periodicals focusing on engineering, energy and automotive industry, especially on product innovations, new technologies and trends in industrial technology, technical and scientific fields. The readership consists of senior and middle management of industrial companies from the engineering, automation, automotive, electronics, energy or aerospace and plastics industries. A specific feature is the extensive distribution to technical universities and vocational schools.



We’re Aimtec. We guide manufacturing and logistics companies in putting Industry 4.0 into practice. We integrate our solutions with cutting-edge technology into a single functioning unit to make digitalisation a real asset.


With 700 members, the DTIHK is the largest bilateral chamber of commerce in the Czech Republic. She monitors current trends and works intensively on those who have the greatest potential for German-Czech economic relations. In the long term, the DTIHK is committed to the implementation of the dual vocational education and training in the Czech Republic, she initiated a broad discussion on Industry 4.0 in the Czech Republic at an early stage and is now promoting a sustainable transformation of the economy. The German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce is part of the network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs).

IHK Regensburg

The Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce associates a total of 91,000 companies from the Upper Palatinate and the Kelheim District. Member companies can use advice on tax and legal issues, foreign trade or the labour market. The Chamber also processes various specialized analyzes of the region. Through its Czech branch in Pilsen, the Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce actively supports the development of a common cross-border economic area.


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