Event Terms and Conditions

  1. We look forward to being able to meet you in person. If this is not possible in May, we will seek a new date for TAL. Naturally, if the new date does not suit you, you can opt for the refund of your fee in the amount paid. If extreme circumstances should force us to cancel the event entirely, the fee will also be refunded to you in the amount paid.
  2. We reserve the right to alter the event’s programme.
  3. Event fees are not refundable in cases of non-participation or cancelled registration.
  4. An event ticket may be transferred to another participant upon agreement.
  5. Recordings in the form of video reports, photographs etc. are produced during this event. These recordings may be used for marketing purposes.
  6. The personal data you provide during registration is processed by the organiser of the TAL 2023 conference and the administrator of the Happenee platform.

Can’t participate? Want to give your ticket to a colleague? Need to ask about something?

Write to or call +420 732 664 815.

We’ll be glad to help.


Marie Mundilová
+420 732 664 815

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